Gender and Judging in Africa
I am working on a paper on the career paths of women lawyers and judges in Malawi. This paper has now been accepted into an edited volume entitled “Gender and Judging Across Africa” – to be published 2020 by Routledge.

Freedom of Expression Constitutional Jurisprudence in Africa
I have worked as a consultant for the Global Free Speech Repository collecting constitutional cases from sub-Saharan Africa. From this work I am co-authoring an article on Freedom of Expression Jurisprudence in the Global South (co-authors Tom Keck, Sandra Botero and Stephen Stohler). In addition I am conducting comparative research within southern and eastern Africa on the decriminalization of freedom of expression. 

Land Law Reform in Vietnam
I am finalizing work on a multiyear study of land law reform in Vietnam (based on fieldwork conducted in 2013 and 2018). This work seeks to answer the following question: does Vietnam’s experience in reforming its land law support or contradict the view that institutional change, in particular the formalization of institutions, is a prerequisite to successful economic growth? The paper explores the reasons for slow, incremental, and partial land law reform and analyzes the complex interaction between formal and informal institutions on land rights in Vietnam. 

African Chief Justices
Redrafting an article on "The Roles and Powers of Chief Justices in an Age of Enduring Judicial Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa" to be submitted as part of special journal edition.